goats & view

Welcome to the website of Muriau Farm.

Muriau is an example of a mixed farm where we manage sustainable livestock and arable production in sympathy with nature. The farmland and coast is part of the Llŷn AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and has other European and UK designations.

We do not use any fertiliser or sprays on the land so rare arable weeds can be found in the barley fields and a diversity of species in the hay meadows. Seeds from the weed species, some of which are nationally rare, and over wintered stubble support native birds such as Linnets. Skylarks and Choughs feed on the cliffs and short grazed grass. We have several species of dungbeetle which benefit from our organic management and cattle grazing.

The Cloddiau hedge banks have been restored which, along with the field margins, are rich in wild flowers. Our cereal crops provide winter feed for our cattle, sheep, free range chickens and goats. There are stunning views from the cliffs out to sea where dolphins and porpoises can be regularly seen. This is where we graze our Boer Goats so they can roam freely over their 11 acres.

We try to be self-sufficient here and work to benefit nature too. Our aim is to produce good quality animals that are free range, fully traceable and happy.

Email us at: muriau.farm@hotmail.co.uk


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